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The MedX machines are the most sophisticated and effective spinal evaluation and rehabilitation tools available on the market today. Over 75 peer-reviewed medical articles prove MedX's ability to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Each machine allows total isolation of the spinal extensor muscles by immobilizing that specific area of the spine. The program begins with a comprehensive computerized analysis of extensor strength through the full range of motion. During the evaluation you will receive a printout that reveals normal vs abnormal, compares your strength values with your age demographic of healthy spines and identifies the specific areas of weakness, as well as denoting fiber type with fatigue response. Following the evaluation you will exercise on the same isolation machine. Following the initial four to six week program you will be re-evaluated on the same apparatus and presented with on-going maintenance options.

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MedX Lumbar Extension Machine

MedX Lumbar Extension Machine

  • Provides resistance over a full range of isolated lumbar motion, or over a selected limited range

  • MedX software plots a strength curve to compare the patient’s strength and range of motion to established norms

  • Stored energy can be assessed and factored out at each angle tested

MedX Cervical Extension Machine

  • Proven to relieve neck pain and headaches

  • Useful for cervical extension strength testing and dynamic variable resistance training

  • Isometric testing can be performed every 3° through the normal 126° range of motion

MedX Cervical Extension Machine
MedX Stretch Machine

MedX Stretch Machine

  • Ergonomic design allows joints to function within strain-free positions

  • Adjustable leg decks and and hand grips allow stretches beyond what is possible on the floor

  • Every stretch can be accurately measured and recorded which ensures goal setting and progress

  • Due to its adjustability, MedX Stretch machine satisfies the needs of elite athletes and weekend warriors to teenagers and grandmothers

  • Enhances movement around knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow, and wrist

  • Stretches seven major muscle groups including hamstrings and hip adductors

MedX Rotary Machine

  • Trains rotary muscles of the torso and obliques

  • Essental for anyone who relies on twisting or turning for work or sports

  • Stabilizes and reduces extraneous muscle contractions from legs, hips, and shoulders

MedX Rotary Machine
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