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Patient Success Stories

"I am a physician, and I have been seeing Dr. Ewart as a patient for the past 4 years with amazing results.  As a tall individual, I have had lower back issues for most of my life.  Additionally, over the past several years I developed work-related neck and shoulder problems. 
I first decided to see Dr. Ewart after hearing rave reviews for his results from both referring physicians as well as many of his patients.  I now know that the high praise was warranted, as his proven MedX treatment method has made all the difference for me.  Instead of focusing on short-term relief, the regular maintenance I undergo through the MedX rehabilitation program has given me long-term strength, stability, and freedom from both my back and neck/shoulder pain. 
Dr. Ewart is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner, and he takes great care of all his patients.  He also does a great job of connecting with his patients, and that makes every visit to his office extremely enjoyable.  I am so thankful that I found Dr. Ewart, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for long-term pain relief."
- Scott H. Long, MD

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